Professional haircare distribution

Dear hairstylists and fans of professional hair products, The family-owned distribution company MYONE s.r.o. brings you products from John Paul Mitchell Systems®, NEUMA and oolaboo.

From the beginning, we have strived to imbue our work with classic values and traditions that seem to be disappearing quickly from today’s world. These values are focused on respect for our clients, crafting an individual approach to serve their needs and solving their problems with maximum openness, transparency, professionalism – all done with a smile. The opportunity to support such an exceptional group of people; the hairstylists and others in our industry in their efforts to make others more beautiful and happier is an honour. Our jobs come with great responsibility and unmatched joy and fun every day.

Feel free to come and get some coffee and “stylist chat” anytime.

Tomáš Peter,
Head of MYONE